Loom + Keerat Kaur at Hugh's Room Live

AM/PM and The Tawoos Initiative Present 

Loom and Keerat Kaur at Hugh's Room Live - Toronto's Premier Listening Room

An intimate night in Toronto's best sounding room with two great talents. Brooke Manning’s Loom Loom's delicate spareness of guitar, sound, and radiant vocal lines pairs with Keerat Kaur's songs echo melodic patterns of the classic Bollywood era.


Brooke Manning’s Loom occupies a haunted netherworld of equal amounts light and dark. Active since 2010 and always shape-shifting, Loom's delicate spareness of guitar and sound is anchored by the weight of her lyrical subject matter, radiant vocal lines, and deceivingly simple drone-like builds. Brooke is joined in harmony by celebrated vocalists Leah Fay, Kyla Charter, and musician Lana Leprich.

Keerat Kaur
Keerat Kaur is an Architect, Visual Artist and Vocalist based out of London – Toronto ON. Keerat is an avid student of the Dhrupad and Khayaal styles of singing in Indian Classical music, and she has incorporated this training to create and record her own distinct genre. Her songs echo melodic patterns of the classic Bollywood era and they carry the grit of blues and jazz. Her collection of songs covers themes of loss and demise, the strength of nature, and the ascent of self-love. As a multi- disciplinary artist, her various practices spill into one another and have deeply influenced her musical style. Her lyricism and visual pairings are a neo-revival of medieval Punjabi literature and painting.